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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lost Black Mongrel Dog Fuji near Corporation Rd on 28 Oct 2012

Fuji, 5 months old male, Black & Tan Mongrel missing on 28 October 2012 Saturday.


He should be around the areas within Jalan Boon Lay / Corporation Road / International Road.

Stray feeders please keep a lookout.

Anyone who sees him please call 98514902 / 90902467.
Finders please keep him safe and notify us.

We'll offering $150 for his safe return.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lost Cat Pumpkin near Changi Village on 21 Oct 2012

My friend's family cat, Pumpkin, went missing on 21 Oct. He was last seen around Changi Village food centre. Pumpkin is a sweet 2 year old ginger cat and has never been out of the house for so long before. If any of you see him around Changi Village, please care for him temporarily before my friend returns to Singapore in Dec. We will offer 200USD for expenses.

Please contact me at or PM me if you have any news of Pumpkin.

Much appreciated, thank you very much. My friend and his family miss him dearly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lost Dog Todd at Leedon Road near Holland Village on 22 Sept 2012

Todd ran away from home on Saturday (22 Sept) night and was last seen at Leedon Road, not too far away from the Holland Village area. Todd is shy but very gentle and can be approached slowly. If anyone spots him, try to retain him and call 91192831 immediately. 

Thanks and please share this post as well.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Missing Black Schnauzer Rocky near Yishun Ring Road Blk 353

Missing Dog Rocky near Yishun Ring Road Blk 353 area.

A very friendly and playful 2 yrs old Black Schnauzer.
Had Heart problem and also Skin problem inside the ear, need to be Jab DAILY!

Anybody see the dog, please contact 9743 3803.
He need to be jab daily, pls help! 

Schnauzer Female Dog lost at Marsiling Rise on 12 Sept 2012

Missing Dog
A 6 years old mini Schnauzer Female Dog is lost on
12 Sept 2012 
approx 8pm at Blk 130 Marsiling Rise.

Chip No: 7020 5555 003 1151

Pls contact Alice at 6366 4471 or 9296 8378 
if you see the dog. 

Thank you for your attention.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lost Brown Wallet Near Bedok Ex-Princess Building

Lost my brown wallet at Bedok near ex princess building. 

It has my pink ic, ATM card, Malaysia ringgit. 
And sg money. 

Finders please contat me at 90015319. 
NRIC is Sxxx3008e. 

Please help me take a lookout. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lost Dog Golden Retriever at Kang Choo Bin Walk

Reward for Lost Golden Retriever Missing at Yio Chu Kang area

Coco, a female Golden Retriever was last seen at Kang Choo Bin Walk, 

in the vicinity of Poh Huat Road and De Silva Road, off Yio Chu Kang Road, 
on 25 Feb 2012. 

Coco is 10 years old, microchip, wearing a red collar without tag. 
She is sterilized and not very active. 

If you have seen her, please contact owner Andre at tel 9636-3315. 
Reward if found.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lost White Schnauzer at Bukit Merah View Blk 112

 Lost Dog Xiao Mi 
White Schnauzer at Bukit Merah View Blk 112
Contact owner at 8416 2748.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Abandoned Kitten At Jurong West St 74 Needs a Home Asap

My friend and I found this kitten under my block. 
At Jurong West St 74, Blk 759.

I'm urgently looking for fosterer/adopter. 

If you have anyone that can help please contact me 
at or call 9773 8822 . Thank you. 

Super Urgent!  
Joanne says she has little time left to keep Frizzie.
Pls help 

Frizzie needs a home urgently!
Pls help to spread the word around.
Contact above founder

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lost a 3 Mth Old Male Kitten at Jurong East Blk 334

Lost a Gray White Male Kitten at Jurong East Blk 334

Lost Cat.
A neighbour in Jurong East lost a male kitten at Blk 334 
(behind Jurong East Polyclinic)

The poster says:
We have lost this baby male kitten about 3 months old.
Grayish White body with dark grey tail.
Dark grey onboth of its top ear.
A pair of blue eyes.

If found, pls kindly call owner 9122 8647 
or 6569 6958 (see poster). Thank You

Click on posters below to enlarge:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

2 Missing Dogs at Jalan Hwi Yoh

$500 Reward for 2 Missing Dogs

One brown and one black dog lost at Halan Hwi Yoh
ColorOne Brown and One Black
Last SeenJalan Hwi Yoh
Date Missing9 Feb 2012
OwnerMadam Wong at Tel 8128-6041
Reward $500 for each dog

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Abandoned Rabbits for Adoption in Boon Lay

Fyi: all these rabbits have been adopted by HRS (House of Rabbit SG) and collected on the 3 March 2012 (Sat 3pm). 
Their Facebook link

Rabbits for Adoption ceased.

These 3 rabbits are abandoned outside a Boon Lay flat on 21 Dec 2011. The house owner Mr Jimmy is asking House of Rabbits (HRS SG) for help in looking for kind responsible fosterers to adopt the rabbits.

See pictures & video of rabbits below for details.

Jimmy has given each rabbit a name for easy reference.
  • White rabbit: Alvin   (lower cage)
  • Black rabbit: Harry   (top cage)
  • Grey rabbit:  Bruce   (free roaming) 




The ration n beddings came jus in time on 10 Feb 2012
Swee Ling n Soon Kiat delivered by abt 9pm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lost Jack Russell Terrier Dog Snowie at Jurong West St 52

Lost Dog
She is a female Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) named Snowie.
Her body is all white except for a brown patch on her left ear.
She is microchip  (ends with 2607).

Snowie sneaked out of her flat at Jurong West St 52 on 2 Feb 2012 and could not be found.

Venue: Jurong West St 52
Date: 2 Feb 2012

Please help to find her. If you have any info, kindly contact Sharon Tan at 9220-8319. Reward awaits the finder if the dog is safely recovered.

Tel:  9220 8319.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lost Brown White Dog Venus at Yishun Blk 275

Lost Dog

Extremely friendly brown-white dog named VENUS (see poster below).
Responds well to her name Venus.
Age 10 years old.

Venue: Lost at Yishun Blk 275
Date: 1 Feb 2012


Owners desperately looking for their dog Venus.
Reward of S$100 if dog is found , pls contact immediatley .
Thank you very much.

Phone: 9006 6241

Found Calico White Orange Cat at Yishun

Found Cat
Calico Slim White with Orange & Brown patches.
Very friendly , tame and affectionate.
Venue: Lost near Yishun
Date:    Jan/ Feb 2012

Pls be a responsible and caring pet owner. If not claimed, she will be surrended to SPCA, which will most likely put her down.

Phone: 9647 1520

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lost Dog and How Lost Pets Can Be Found in Singapore

SPCA Procedures for Lost Pets

In 2008 the SPCA took in 1,052 lost dogs (representing about 41 percent of all dogs taken in).
On average, about 45 percent of lost dogs are claimed back by their owners. The majority of lost dogs SPCA take in do not have any identification on them such as collars with licences/owners’ particulars, or microchips. This means there is no way for SPCA to trace the owner.

All pets taken in by the SPCA that are deemed to be 'lost' will be scanned for a microchip, advertised in the 'found' column, Straits Times Classifieds for two consecutive days and kept for one day after that, to enable the owner to come forward to claim their pet. SPCA's Lost and Found service is also advertised in the Lianhe Zaobao twice monthly requesting that people who have lost their pets to call the SPCA.

If you find a lost animal, here's what you can do to help. Call the SPCA (6287 5355) and the AVA (1800-476-1600) to check if anyone has reported a missing pet matching the description. You can also place an advertisement in the Straits Times Classifieds 'Found' column and this service is free of charge.

Statistics of Lost Dogs
More than 10 million pets are reported lost every year. Preventative measures can be taken to eliminate the chances of your pet ever becoming one of these statistics, although it can still happen. Dogs without collars have an even lesser chance of being reunited with their families. According to the American Humane Association, roughly 17% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats ever find their owners. 

Microchips will last for your pet’s lifetime, as there are no moving parts and nothing to replace. The procedure is simple, routine and painless, and it doesn't require an anesthetic. Much like a vaccination, your pet simply gets an injection just under the loose skin between the shoulder blades; most animals don't react at all. Long-term studies have shown the implantation causes no known medical complications.

Meet Buster, the lost dog that made an incredible 1,200 mile journey from Colorado to California

When Buster the dog disappeared from his home in Colorado, his owner spent hours agonising over his fate. But despite thinking about all different possibilities, including that the beloved Labrador had been stolen or eaten by a lion, Samantha Squires could never have imagined what really happened to him.

Six months after Buster Brown vanished from his home in Boulder he was found – an astonishing 1,200 miles away in Salinas, California.

Read more:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing 69 yr old Chinese man Yishun since 18 Jan 2012

Missing Man
Chinese Man
Age : 69+
Height: 155 to 160 cm
Tanned complexion
Grey Strip Polo T-Shirt, Long Black Pants & Track Shoes

Venue: Yishun
Date: Last seen on 18 Jan 2012
Time: approx 8am

Family members very worried for him. Please help to find him. If you have any info, kindly contact family at tel below.

Tel:  9833 6586