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Friday, June 24, 2011

Red Urata Bicycle Stolen At Jurong Point Today

Stolen Bicycle
  • Venue: Bicycle stolen at green metal railings outside Jurong Point entrance
  • Date: 24 June 2011  (Friday)
  • Time: 630pm to 8pm
  • Description: Urata Bicycle 26" Red Aluminium Body Bicycle with front suspension. A bicycle alarm is installed on the front handle.  Seat post is tied with green ropes.  Attached with a 1.5litre red plastic water bottle.
  • Serial number below body: 2809060185
A Police report was launched at Boon Lay Police Post at around 1010pm
Report number: J/20110624/2189

Owner say that:
Ad posters of this stolen bike is posted at major bicycle shops and various locations in Singapore,
pls return me the bicycle asap and I will not pursue the matter. I just want my bike back and make peace.

Bikers and fellow Singaporeans who have information leading
to the source of stolen bicycle below will be greatly appreciated.

Pls call below:
Alan  (bike owner)
Viber Sms 8560 1516

"Low Crime Doesn't Mean No Crime"
Pls Secure Your Bicycle With Thick / U-Lock and Bicycle Alarm !
Red Urata Bicycle Stolen at Jurong Point
lock my bicycle at the green railings outside Jurong Point (7 eleven side/ with taxi stand)

A revolving CCTV was installed outside 7 eleven shop!

the CCTV view outside Jurong Point rear entrance

I have already made 2 police reports and posted ads on 500 notice boards and various locations in Singapore. Nearby bicycle shops boss have already commence working with me promise to stop any possible  transcations of this bike and will inform the police or me asap when they see this bike. If you are unfortunate to be stopped by them , that wil be a police case and be prepared to go jail , is it worth it?  Pls work with me ...

Occasionally, a LTA enforcement officer will stand gurad here to monitor traffic conditions outside Jur Point.
Wonder how daring the thief is nowadays!

Scene of crime: Lamp Post outside Jur Point!

One Man reading the stolen Urata bike ad near Bus Interchange

NTU Board

Ad on Bicycle Shop

Near Pioneer MRT
Laminated Ads at Fencings
Laminated Ads at lamp posts
Laminated Ads at Fencings
Flyers at Notice Boards
Ads at Bus Stops
Couple Looking my Ads at Bus Stops
Ads on Cold Storage and NTUC Finest Notice Boards
Ads on Cold Storage and NTUC Finest Notice Boards
Ads outside Lift Lobby near Jur Point!

Official Notice Boards at Jurong West @ Blks 683A and 686A

and many more to come....

I found out my bicycle is not the only stolen, its could be a syndicate's job !
See below:

1) Friend Bicycle Stolen Near Library opposite Jurong Pt on 28 June 2011 ! 
My friend Nelson's Aleoca Bicycle Stolen near the Library opposite Jurong Point on 28 June 2011, 330pm!

Very daring and professional thiefs lurking around Jurong Point!
Pls look out for your bicycle parked here.

2) Togoparts Stolen Bicycles updates:
Secured the fold-able bicycle using a key lock onto the green railing near Jurong Point Taxi Stand on 2 June, 1845. Found it stolen on same day at 2145. Also realize another cyclist bicycle stolen at the same spot.
Date Submitted: 5th Jun 2011 8:57 AM
Views: 440
Submitted by : updateraj
Location : Jurong Point Taxi Stand
Province/City/State : Singapore
Country : Singapore


Cutting a thick metal chain may not be that easy unless the thief brings along a long big cutter, pic below:
this big cutter is used to cut the chain, see demo video below

SGD$9.50 for 1 meter of the thickest chain i can find in jurong!

Demo VIDEO of cutting  chain

To be continued....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lost Love Bird at Jurong West St 91, Blk 940

Lost Bird
Description: Green lovebird, she response to her name "BABY".

Venue: Lost at Jurong West St 91, Blk 940

Date: 19 June 2011

Dearly missed by her feathered friends and her owners at home.
Reward of S$100 if lovebird is found.

Phone: 9169 8340

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lost African Grey Parrrot near Woodlands Drive70 Blk 713

Lost Bird
Description: African Grey Parrot with ring tag # HN01J1662

Venue: Lost near Playground of Woodlands Dr 70 , Blk 713

Date: June 2011

Note: Reward If Parrot Is Found

Phone: 9151 0909

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lost White Shi Tzu Dog Dora at Woodlands Blk 763

Lost Dog  
Shi Tzu dog named Dora.
Dirty White & Fluffy looking.
Age: 2 years old

Venue: Lost at Woodlands Circle, Blk 763

Date: 9 June 2011

Dog is under medication for her eyes, pls contact tel below if you see her. Reward will be given.

Thank you so much.

Phone: 9175 1352